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Looking to earn some extra cash to save up for Christmas? or maybe you would like some more spending money for your holiday? If you are looking for a way to make a bit of extra cash online then look no further. 

If you don’t already know, paid surveys are a great way to earn extra money online with aPaid Online Surveys minimal amount of work and effort involved and they are becoming increasingly more popular.
Companies bringing out a new product, service or just trying to find ways of improving their business carry out these surveys.
Large market research companies will do the surveys on the companies behalf, sending surveys out to thousands of members who have opted in to receive them in return for a reward for each completed survey.

The rewards can be anything from 50p-£5.00 cash per completed survey or a points system where points can be redeemed for products, coupons or vouchers.
By signing up to as many of these companies as you can you’ll increase the number of surveys and opinion polls you receive, this is when it becomes possible to earn £1000+ per year.

Many market research companies do however have a minimum pay-out threshold, so make sure you check before signing up as it can be as much as £20!

There are many other ways of getting rewarded online through market research such as product testing and shop and scan. Please have a look through our site as we have many paid survey, product testing and shop and scan companies just waiting for people like you to join.


  Benefits of paid surveys  


Earn extra money from the comfort of your own home.
Save up for Christmas or holidays.
An easy, fun and stress free way to earn money.
Money sent straight to your PayPal account.
Make money online the easy way.
Start earning from as little as 15 minutes per day.

   legitimate online survey companies   

Earn cashback through Quidco when signing up to survey companies as well as online purchases.
Online Surveys aren’t the only way to earn a bit of extra money. Joining sites like quidco and earning cashback for your online purchases can allow you to build up a nice little bit of extra cash over a fairly short  amount of time (depending on how much you spend online).
From car insurance and car breakdown cover to TV services, you can earn hundreds in cashback from buying products and services through Quidco.
JUST REMEMBER…………… After signing up to Quidco and before you make your first purchase its always a good idea to delete your cookies and temporary files to allow all your purchases to track through Quidco correctly.



Global Test Market Survey Company

‘Earn over £100 per year’.

Globaltestmarket is one of the longest running survey companies. Founded in 1999 their panel is powered by GMI Global Market Insite inc and owned by lightspeed research (who own a number of well known market research companies).

GTM are open to 49 different countries and you can become a member from ages 14+ which is great for youngsters wanting to make some extra cash online.

  • Various payment options. 
  • Quarterly sweepstake entries if you screen-out.
  • Sends you a good amount of surveys each month.
  • Referral bonus. Earn extra points for referring friends.
  • Perfect for teenagers over the age of 14.

Here are some quick Stats:

Payment Methods: PayPal, Amazon and various other online vouchers, Nectar points plus much more listed on their rewards page.

Payout Threshold: 1000 points (Equivalent to just under £30).

Average points per survey: 30

Average Survey Length: 15 mins

Earn £30 plus easily every couple of months.

>>  Visit GlobalTestMarket               More Information

‘Screenouts’ are not the end of the world with GlobalTestMarket as you receive 10 entries into the quarterly sweepstakes for a chance to win a number of cash prizes, the top being £500!



‘Low Payout Threshold’.

My Survey is another company owned by lightspeed research so you know its reliable.
Just like GTM, they too offer points for surveys and also sweepstakes but also offer product testing
The minimum age to join is 16+ and you also receive a referral bonus, so make sure you recommend your friends to earn even more points.

  • Quarterly sweepstake entries if you screenout.
  • Low payout threshold
  • Various Payment options.

Here are some quick stats:

Payment Methods: PayPal, Amazon and various other online vouchers, Nectar points plus much more listed on their rewards page.

Payout Threshold: 345 points (Equivalent to just under £3).

Average points per survey: 60

Average Survey Length: 15 mins

>>  Visit Mysurvey   

‘MySurvey rewarded over £9 million to their worldwide members in 2012’.

pinecone researchPinecone Research.

‘Earn higher rewards than competitors and test and keep products’.

Pinecone Research are a reputable market research panel open to UK residents. Many people claim to be earning over £100 per year and the longer you stay the more you will earn.
The only downside to this particular panel is that they do currently have a target age group of 18 – 24 year olds.

  • Higher rewards for the completion of surveys.
  • Low payout threshold.
  • Test and keep products you trial.
  • Payment via cheque or PayPal.

Here are some quick stats:

Payment Methods: PayPal or cheque.

Payout Threshold: JUST £3

Average ££’s per survey: £3

Average Survey Length: 20 mins

You can only join this panel by invitation. Click on the link below to access their sign-up page. 

>>  Visit Pinecone Research


Low Payout Threshold’.

Crowdology is a well known and very popular market research organisation owned and run by Redshift Research LTD.
Each survey you complete you will earn cash (instead of points) which we find is better as you know exactly how much you are earning and with their low payout threshold, it won’t take you long to get your cash.
Here’s why Crowdology is worth joining:

  • Threshold met quickly and instant payment
  • Receive more surveys over time. Can receive up to 5 surveys per week.
  • Less screen-outs than other paid survey sites (providing you fill out your profile).

Each survey completion enters you into a monthly prize draw to win Amazon vouchers.

Here are some quick stats:

Payment Methods: PayPal is their only option

Payout Threshold: JUST £4

Average ££’s per survey: £0.30 – £2.50

Average Survey Length: 5-25 mins

>>  Visit Crowdology

‘Earning potential for Crowdology is around £50 per year completing on average 3 – 5 surveys per month’.

SurveyNetwork. surveynetwork

‘Daily Surveys Means The Threshold Can Be Met Quickly’.

Running since 2009, and with over 200,000 users, Survey Network are definitely worth joining.
Unlike many other market research panels, They send daily surveys 
(up to 6 per day) which means the payout threshold can be met very quickly.
We can confidently say that this company is not a scam as we were able to meet the payout threshold and cash-out. 

  • Threshold met quickly. 
  • Quick payment via Paypal.

Here are some quick stats:

Payment Methods: PayPal is their only option

Payout Threshold: £20 (slightly high but can be met quickly)

Average ££’s per survey: £0.50 – £2.50

Average Survey Length: 10-15 mins

>>  Visit SurveyNetwork


Monthly prize draws and £1 for each friend you refer’.

Onepoll was established in 2005 and has over 100,000 UK members. They conduct surveys for large companies
Here’s why Onepoll is worth joining:

  • Referral bonuses (better than competitors).
  • Monthly prize draws to win £250 worth of cash prizes.
  • Daily surveys.


Here are some quick stats:

Payment Methods: PayPal or BACS

Payout Threshold: £40

Average ££’s per survey: £0.05 – £0.30

Average Survey Length: 5 mins

>>  Visit Onepoll

‘Join Onepoll Today and get a sign-up bonus of £2.50’.

‘Earn points for referring your friends to the Toluna community’.

Toluna is a free online survey and polling community offering rewards for members who complete surveys and polls from leading product and service providers.
Members are rewarded with points which can be redeemed for various prizes listed on the site.
Additionally members can write their own polls and questions for other members to answer.

Here are some quick Stats:

Payment Methods: PayPal, Amazon and various other online vouchers.

Payout Threshold: 60,000 points

Average points per survey: 1000 – 4000 points

Average Survey Length: 15-30 mins

Minimum age: 18+

Be entered in monthly prize draws to win fantastic prizes.
-Sign up now to recieve a sign up bonus. 

>>  Visit Toluna               

‘Take part in product trials to test, review and keep the latest gadgets and products on the market’.

  Survey DO’s and DONT’s  

ticknew– Create a separate email address.

ticknew– Fill out surveys ASAP.

ticknew– Cash-out as soon as you meet the threshold.

ticknew– Check your emails daily.

ticknew– Join as many survey companies as possible.

ticknew– If possible refer your friends.

crossnew– Tell lies.

crossnew– Forget tax on Paypal/cash transactions.

crossnew– Pay to join panels or focus groups.

crossnew– Don’t expect to be making thousands instantly.

crossnew– Never provide your personal information on a survey. 


   How To Maximize your Survey Renenue    



1)  Before signing up to any paid market research company it’s always a good idea to create a new email account which can be used solely for paid surveys. This way you won’t get your surveys mixed up amongst your normal emails.

2)    A big NO NO when signing up to survey companies is paying a membership fee to gain access to paid surveys sites. All survey companies listed on our site are FREE to join as all genuine companies are!

3)  Sign up to as many companies as you can. You will receive more invitations to participate and therefore allow you to earn more!

4)  Try to complete the surveys on the same day as you receive them and as soon as you can as they may have a limit on the amount of people they need to participate and you may miss out.

5)  When you are completing surveys, don’t try and cheat your way through them clicking on any answer. They may cross reference your answers with others and you may not be chosen to participate in as many.

6)  Try and enjoy filling in the surveys.


   How Paid Surveys Work    


Once you have registered, providing your name, age and email address, Most market research panels require you to fill out a profile about yourself (These are usually short Questionnaires). This will ensure that the surveys they send out are right for you based on the information you have given.
Once you receive the survey you are required to fill out the questions, most of which are multiple choice but some can involve writing a short amount.
When the survey is completed and you have clicked on the ‘finish’ button at the end you will receive money or points which are added to your account. This can take up to 7 days depending on the panel so its always a good idea to check you have received the incentive and if not make note.
Once you have completed enough surveys and met the ‘payout threshold’ you can then cash-out using one of the companies’ payment methods (most usually PayPal).

Save up for a Holiday or spending money.

You can always do with some extra money whilst on holiday, especially abroad (unless you are all inclusive off course). This is another great reason to start making and saving from the comfort of your own home.
Spending just half an hour each night could be the difference between having a ‘good’ holiday or a ‘fantastic’ one. An extra £300+ would make a substantial difference for you and your family on holiday.

Start making and saving some extra money in time for Christmas. 

With Christmas just around the corner, you can always do with some extra money to help you through the festive season.
By starting to complete on-line surveys now via the companies we have listed above there is still time to build up some extra cash and make a difference to you Christmas.
If you are looking to make upto £100+ for the Christmas season then look no further.

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